Customizing Your Camera

Camera User Menu

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Choose the video recording resolution and the sampling frequency (FPS) that suits you best:

Loop Recording

Choose if you would like that once the memory card is full, the ongoing recorded data would overlap the earliest recorded data in the SD Card:


The camera can automatically switch from day (color recording) to night recording mode (monochromatic, using integrated IR LED’s) utilizing its ambient light sensor. In case selected off, the camera can be turned from day to night modes manually by a short press of the FN button. You can choose the option you prefer:


Select the WIFI interface for your camera to connect wirelessly to;


The built-in GPS records the camera location to be later viewed through dedicated video and location players. Choose to turn the function on or off;


The camera has audial indications, choose if you prefer it to be active or turned off.

The sound indications are as follows:


The camera has status indicator LEDs. Choose if you prefer it to be active or turned off;

The Status indication LED are as follows:

The Charging indication LED are as follows:


The camera has function status vibration indications, choose if you prefer it to be active or turned off;

The Vibration indications are as follows:

Note: At Covert Mode, the vibration indication is working unless switched Off. Please take into consideration that while in Covert Mode and with vibration turned off, it would be impossible to determine camera status unless the covert mode is turned on again.

Format Card

By using this function, you can delete all the information stored in the camera Micro SD card. Choose the option to do or not to do;

Streaming Resolution

Choose the video streaming resolution and the sampling frequency (FPS) for the APP WI-FI interface;

Screen Save

The camera has an LCD Screen Save mode, choose if you prefer that the LCD Screen saver would be active or not;


This function determines whether the integrated IR LEDs would be turned on or not in the night mode recording. In the case where you prefer to illuminate the scene with external IR

Pro Tip: A short press on the FN button will turn On the IR illumination