Developed for consumer use, MAROM-X is the company’s commercially available night vision camera. This revolutionary camera is tailored for the tactical operator. It’s been designed and developed by the top engineers and leading experts from award-winning Israeli companies;

Marom Dolphin – was founded in 1993 as a manufacturing company for textile products. Over the years, the company has expanded its fields of activity and established itself as one of the leading companies in the tactical textile field. 

NVISOL – was founded in 2014 as a company for providing soldier-oriented solutions, integration, and system engineering.  The company’s main goal is to find innovative solutions for tactical forces challenges while considering the end-users needs. 

Pantherin – was founded in 2019 and stands as a premier consulting & marketing company dedicated to providing cutting-edge tactical defense solutions.

Those involved with the development of MAROM-X brought their years of military experience and current knowledge of the evolving battlefield, fighting equipment, and soldiers’ needs to the project arena. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we deliver innovative tactical cameras to our customers, allowing them to efficiently and reliably document any mission under any conditions.