Camera Overview

1. SD-card slot

2. Reset Button

Note: use the reset button only if the camera freezes up or works abnormally.

3. 1/4” nut

4. Status indication LED’s

5. Battery charging indicator LED’s

6. LCD screen

Full battery

Low battery

Battery Charging

Not Charging

Snapshot Available

Snapshot Taken

IR Light On

IR Light Off

Recording (Flickering)

Recording Stopped

Sound On

Sound Off

GPS Connected


WIFI Connected


7. Snapshot/ Covert Mode/ Scroll up Button


Covert Mode

Scroll up Button

8. Power On/ OFF/ Video Recording/ Scroll Down Button

Power On/ OFF

Video Recording

Scroll Down Button

9. Mechanical Secured Adaptor

10. Camera Lens

11. Infrared Illumination LED’s

12. Visible White Illumination LED’s

13. Light Sensor

14. HDMI/AV Port

15. Pogo Pin Interface Connector

16. Fn button

When the camera is at video recording mode or standby mode:

When the camera is at standby mode:

When the camera is at Menu Mode:

Docking Station

The Docking Station is the data interface and the camera battery charging interface.

17. Status Indication LED.

18. Mini USB cable socket.